Game – Sharkzio Game Online

Today we’re introducing another new addition to our io games section: You start as a small shark and you have to eat other fish to level up and grow bigger. When you level up you get some nice upgrade options. When your HP is critical, you can go into aggressive mode which will increase your swimming speed. Aggressive mode can also be triggered manually after learning the ability. A small tip: try to go for the squid first because it is an easy target and it won’t attack you. Submerge in the dangerous waters of this fun multiplayer online game. Swim around looking for other players to eat them and keep growing to be the king of the ocean. Be careful, cause other merciless players will try to eat you to. Have fun with Sharkzio!

Use your mouse to swim around, 12345 number keys to learn new skills, and A to go into aggressive mode after you’ve learned the skill.